TAYLORMADE vs CALLAWAY vs SRIXON | Best Golf Ball 2021

In this video, Alex from GolfMagic tests compares the TaylorMade TP5 PIX, the Callaway Chrome Soft X and the Srixon Z-Star. Which one is right for your game? Watch the video to find out more.

TAYLORMADE vs CALLAWAY vs SRIXON | Best Golf Ball 2021
TAYLORMADE vs CALLAWAY vs SRIXON | Best Golf Ball 2021

When it comes to premium golf balls, there are some fantastic options on the market in 2021 and three of the most popular brands amongst amateurs right now are TaylorMade, Callaway and Srixon.

Each of the three brands make plenty of fantastic golf balls, but we have picked three in particular to put up against each other that should produce some different results.

Our chosen three golf balls for this test are the TP5 Pix from TaylorMade, Callaway's Chrome Soft X Triple Track and finally, the popular Srixon Z-Star.

Our equipment editor Alex put all three balls to the test to see how they compare, using both a launch monitor and on-course testing to get the results.




TaylorMade TP5 Pix

This is TaylorMade`s most complete golf ball with more speed and ClearPath Alignment. Co-designed by Rickie Fowler and engineered with 5-layers to perform with every club in your bag.

The multi-colour ClearPath Alignment system offers better visibility and alignment. The ball features unique logos placed for easy alignment and provides a visible line that provides instant feedback after the putting stroke.

Thanks to its Tri-Fast Core it produces a progressive compression that produces the maximum energy transfer from the club face. This ensures maximum speed on your irons and woods, for greater distance and performance.

This cover gives you high spin and a soft feel ensuring you receive the maximum possible performance from these golf balls. This is ideal for iron and wedge play to ensure you receive the highest level of control and feedback.


TAYLORMADE vs CALLAWAY vs SRIXON | Best Golf Ball 2021

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Introducing the latest Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf ball from Callaway Golf. Offering a soft feel, Tour-level distance, workability and control.

These 3 prominent lines on the ball use Vernier Visual Acuity to improve alignment, this will aid you to line the ball up to the hole more easily. This technology is the same visual technology used to land planes on aircraft carriers.

With new Graphene-Infused Dual SoftFast Core to deliver a faster ball speed, high launch, low spin, for an unbeatable combination of distance.

The Chrome Soft X also provides longer carry distance thanks to the Hex Aerodynamics. With an ultra-soft Tour urethane cover which combines shot-controlling spin, with fantastic feel on short pitches and chips to the green.


TAYLORMADE vs CALLAWAY vs SRIXON | Best Golf Ball 2021

Srixon Z-Star

The Z-Star 7 is a premium 3-piece golf ball that is engineered to give you tour performance. Its advanced construction also maximizes spin for more control and more stopping power around the greens.

An advanced core has been constructed with an inner softer core formulation that gradually gets harder towards the outer edges. This design gives the ball a softer feel and generates more ball speed for long-distance performance.

SpinSkin with SeRM has a new thicker thermoplastic urethane coating with flexible molecular bonds with reacts deeply with wedge and iron grooves producing amazing friction and the utmost spin.

The cover has been re-designed with a 338 Speed Dimple pattern, this aerodynamic pattern helps to reduce drag for a more penetrating flight, to give extra distance on full shots even in windy conditions.


TAYLORMADE vs CALLAWAY vs SRIXON | Best Golf Ball 2021

Three fantastic golf balls that produce different results, so make sure you watch the video to see which golf ball might best suit your game and if you haven't already, make sure you hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with all of our videos!

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