Vice Golf launches colourful Pro DRIP golf ball line

Vice Golf adds a splash of colour to its exciting new golf ball line...

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Fri, 21 Aug 2020
Vice Golf launches colourful Pro DRIP golf ball line

Vice Golf has this week launched a Pro DRIP golf ball series that introduces a colour pattern you are guaranteed to have never seen on a golf ball before.

The new golf ball line from Vice Golf features a colour pattern that is unique from ball to ball.

Available as Vice Pro DRIP LIME as well as Vice Pro SOFT DRIP RED, the colour patterns are inspired by the abstract art and action painting styles.

With the two brand-new colour combinations, the Vice Pro DRIP balls not only bring performance but also colour to the summer and are sure to be a topic of conversation on the first tee.

In addition to Vice Golf's well-established limited editions, the company is now adding more colour to the standard range.

The daylight colours NEON LIME and NEON RED respectively guarantee maximum visibility for both the long and short game.

The addition of microfine reflective particles to the top protective layer of the golf ball further increases the visibility of the DRIPs.

A clear coat spray as the final layer protects the colour and maximizes colour fidelity and durability.

"We have shown that golfers can rely on our quality. We are convinced that not every golf ball out there has to be white and that a bit of fresh colour and style will continue to be good for golf," said Vice Golf's Managing Director Ingo Düllmann.

The new golf balls will be available at at £2.09 per ball from a purchase quantity of five dozen.