WATCH: TaylorMade M5 v M6 Driver Comparison Test

GolfMagic throws both of TaylorMade's new M5 and M6 drivers up against each other. Who wins? 

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Fri, 8 Mar 2019
WATCH: TaylorMade M5 v M6 Driver Comparison Test


TaylorMade has recently unleashed two stunning Speed-Injected Twist Face drivers into  the market with its new M5 and M6 - but what are the real differences between them and which one offers most appeal after testing? We've got all the answers.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Jack Seddon took both M5 and M6 drivers down to Farleigh Golf Club to test them out on the range with our SkyTrak launch monitor, before putting them through their paces out on the golf course.

Watch our full Head-to-Head video review below:

TaylorMade Drivers Review: M5 vs M6



Features & Benefits: Speed Injected Twist Face Technology; Inverted T-Track; flexible Hammerhead 2.0 slot

GM Verdict: The longest driver we've EVER tested. The M5's inverted T-Track helps to deliver a fast, forgiving and personalised driver that we can safely say will boost your ball speed. We've never received faster ball speed from a driver before. Very easy to see why the M5 has gone straight in the bags of both Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy this season, among many other big names. It's also gone straight in ours. Best sounding driver we've ever tested, too, and also very forgiving. Just an incredible all-round driver, despite its hefty price tag. 

RRP: £449


Features & Benefits: Speed Injected Twist Face Technology; flexible Hammerhead 2.0 slot; Aerodynamic carbon sole with 'Inertia Generator'

GM Verdict: A solid performer across the board, offering bundles of forgiveness and distance. The standout feature of the M6 is its controlled trajectory. Fast, but not quite as fast as the M5 in our book. Pricey like the majority of drivers in this test, but well worth taking the plunge. Interestingly, Dustin Johnson has switched between both the M5 and M6, and wasted little time in bagging an early season win with the latter at the Saudi International. We received 300 RPM less spin off the tee (2200/2500), but the M5 edged it for ball speed (160/158) and carry (274/268). A hugely impressive driver but the M5 offers us that little bit more for the same price. Well worth testing both to find which  one works best for you, though. You won't be disappointed.

RRP: £449

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