The world's most expensive golf shafts cost $17k, check them out

A line of golf shafts at Seven Dreamers Laboratories start at $1,200.

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The world's most expensive golf shafts are selling for $1,200 each, which equates to $16,800 to fit your entire bag. 

Step forward Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc, a Japanese company founded with a stated mission of "creating things the world has never seen."


Available in North America, Seven Dreamers insists its manufacturing processes produce custom-built shafts for woods, irons and putters that outperform all others on the market.

How? The company has its roots in the aerospace industry, and some of the same players involved in building the shafts were involved in the development of the "Hayabusa" spacecraft, the unmanned craft that Japan landed on an asteroid in 1998, which successfully returned to earth with a sample.

According to the press release issued this week, craftsmen use a process called autoclaving to bake the shafts.

Seven Dreamers described its production method, which utilises "aerospace-quality carbon fiber, a proprietary 3D design system and an autoclave to cure shafts." 

The company offers 28 different bend profiles, which they identified as the most common through thousands of club fittings in Japan and Southeast Asia.

The shafts debuted in Japan in 2014 and have been endorsed by Masashi "Jumbo" Ozaki, who won 94 times on the Japan Tour.

Check out the shafts here