Their SOFTEST Grip Yet?! Golf Pride CPX Grip Review

Alex from GolfMagic reviewed the new Golf Pride CPX Grip which could be the softest and most satisfying grip we'll see in 2022. 

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Matt Chivers
Wed, 20 Apr 2022
Their SOFTEST Grip Yet?! Golf Pride CPX Grip Review

Need To Know

- The Golf Pride CPX Grips are very light and over time, they will help to loosen your swing and increase your confidence.
- At £12.99, this is more expensive than grips would usually cost.
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PRICE: £12.99 YEAR: from 2022

Grips are a very important and somewhat overlooked part of our golf bags, but the new Golf Pride CPX Grip certainly shouldn't be put to one side. 

Alex judged the new CPX grips to be the softest that the popular brand has produced and they could be the perfect addition to improve your game.

They are an unorthodox creation that uses similar materials to the grips found on BMX bikes. The ribbing is tacky and you will likely recognise the bike-like material.

Alex admits that the Golf Pride CPX Grip will take some getting used to, but its lightweight nature will help you loosen up and feel confident.




Over time, light grips will help you to swing your club free and easy. You will feel less rigid and this can contribute to overall game improvement.

Much like the grips on BMX bikes, Golf Pride have used an EVO diamond-quilted pattern that the company haven't utilised before.

You must commit to using these grips and you will reap the rewards. As Alex suggests, make sure to apply them to all of your clubs as opposed to a select few.

One slight issue with this product is the price. Each grip is £12.99 which could prove to be expensive if you fitted them to all 14 clubs in your bag.

However as we previously stated, grips are very important because you need the club to feel comfortable in your hands and over time, the Golf Pride CPX Grips will be a great investment.