Wilson X31 Package Set Review: A great place to start for golf beginners

Featuring ten clubs and a versatile stand bag, the X31 package set from Wilson is an ideal choice for beginner golfers looking to make a start in the game. 

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Wed, 1 Nov 2023
Wilson X31

Need To Know

Provides everything you need to get started in golf, the irons were particularly impressive, very affordable
Driver and woods feel quite tinny compared to premium models
Our score:
PRICE: £299.00 YEAR: from 2022

Wilson X31 Package Set Key Features:

  • Comes complete with a spacious carry bag
  • Woods feature lightweight graphite shafts
  • Irons wedges and putter are fitted with steel shafts

For those wanting to get started in golf, a package set is often the smartest and cheapest way to get yourself out on the course as quickly as possible. 

Featuring everything you need from putter to driver, The X31 set is another fantastic package set from Wilson that provides beginners with an easy and affordable option to begin their journey in the game of golf. 

The set features ten clubs, including a driver, 3-wood, hybrid, irons from (6-SW) and a putter.

To see how the entire set performed, we took it down to the range and then out on the course to test out its performance.

Let's get into it.

Wilson X31 Driver

Set at 10.5 degrees and measuring an inch shorter than standard drivers, the X31 driver gives a confidence-inspiring look at address thanks to the ability to see the loft on the face.

In the looks department, the grey and orange colour scheme provides a nice level of contrast with the orange alignment marker on the crown, proving a handy tool to square your ball with the face of the club.  

The sole of the club is kept relatively simple, and while it doesn't feature the premium finishing details we've seen from some of the best drivers of the year, coming at a fraction of the price, it was to be expected. 

In terms of performance, the driver was very easy to hit and provided a solid feel at impact, but one that we would categorise as slightly tinny. Shorter than most of the premium drivers on the market, this driver isn't going to break any long-drive world records anytime soon, but it does provide ample forgiveness that will suit the level of golfer it's aimed at. 

Wilson X31 Woods and Hybrids

Featuring the same orange and grey colour scheme as the driver, the woods and hybrids were both very easy hit and can be utilised as useful weapons on long par-3s and approaches into demanding par-5s. 

We found both clubs easy to launch, and they produced a pleasingly high ball flight that gave us the confidence we would be able to get the ball airborne with ease, even from tough lies or thick rough. 

Similarly to the driver, the wood and hybrid have quite a tinny feel at impact, and while this isn't our favourite striking sensation, it was only a tiny negative from what overall was a very pleasing performance, considering the price point of these clubs. 

Wilson X31 Irons

The irons packed a real punch while also producing a very stable and strong feeling at contact. We were really impressed with their overall performance, and the carry distance we achieved matched up to what we would expect from our more premium gamers. 

The relatively thick topline and additional offset provide a very welcome sight at address, and while certainly thicker than a more players-focused iron, the profile of these clubs isn't so chunky as to be off putting. 

While the irons feature the same black, orange and grey colour scheme as the longer clubs in the bag, they manage to look more premium both in hand and in the bag. 

Wilson X31 Putter

The Wilson X31 putter has a simple toe and heel-weighted blade design, and despite producing a slightly clicky sound at impact, it had a very solid feel when struck from the centre. 

We were putting on particularly slow greens due to the substantial amount of rain we've had recently in the UK, but despite that, we still managed to hold our distance control and accuracy nicely with the putter. 

If we were to use this putter regularly, we would replace the grip with something a bit more premium, as the stock grip does feel a bit flimsy. 

Wilson X31 Bag

Featuring a seven-way divider, large apparel pocket, valuables and ball pocket, the Wilson X31 bag is simple and effective, providing everything you may require from a starter bag. 

The lightweight construction was easy to carry, and the black, grey and orange colour scheme that was consistent throughout the clubs was also used for the bag as well, tying the whole package set together nicely. 

While the bag isn't quite as sturdy and durable as some of the best stand bags on the market, it is undoubtedly good enough to get any beginner going.

Should you buy the Wilson X31 package set? 

If you want to start playing golf and want a quick and cost-effective way to kick-start your journey, then the Wilson X31 set would be a great place to start. 

While the whole selection of clubs performed well, we were really impressed with the irons, and they will prove to be an excellent set of tools for any aspiring golfer. 

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