Shot Scope Pro ZR Laser Rangefinder Review

GolfMagic test out Shot Scope's new robust Pro ZR laser rangefinder.

Shot Scope PRO ZR
Shot Scope PRO ZR
Very sturdy construction, clear LCD is very simple to use and understand, grey and blue design looks fantastic
No notable cons

Shot Scope Pro ZR Laser Rangefinder Key Features:

  • Durashield Hardshell: robust outer layer designed to tackle even the harshest conditions
  • Enhanced target lock: allows you to lock on to your target in seconds, giving accurate yardages to pins and targets
  • Built-in cart magnet: allows the rangefinder to be securely attached to a cart or trolley for easy access
  • On / off slope: allows you to enable slope detection or turn it off if playing in tournaments
  • 1,500-yard range

Shot Scope's latest laser rangefinder promises to be its most robust yet, thanks to a new hard-wearing Durashield Hardshell. 

The laser has a range of up to 1,500 yards, and thanks to a crystal clear LCD screen that allows you to toggle between red and black optics, it also promises to be accurate in varying light conditions. 

A strong magnet for cart attachment is an excellent addition, and a tough carry case also provides an additional layer of protection from the elements. 

Following the success of the Shot Scope Pro LX+, we had high expectations for the Pro ZR, so we took it to the London Club to test it out. 

Let's get into it.

Shot Scope Pro ZR
Shot Scope Pro ZR

Shot Scope Pro ZR Laser Rangefinder - What's in the box?

Keeping things simple, when you unbox the Pro ZR, you have the rangefinder itself, a hardwearing carry case, a microfibre cleaning cloth, and a carabiner to help you attach the rangefinder to your bag.

First things first, the case is nice and solid and looks like it could tackle pretty much anything you could throw at it. 

Taking the rangefinder out of the case, we were instantly impressed with the overall aesthetics. 

The grey body is nicely complimented by slivers of chromed-out silver and light blue accents, which certainly add to the overall look.

The rangefinder comes encased in a 'Durashield Hardshell' that feels very sturdy in hand. 


Noticeably heavier than some of its competitors, the Pro ZR feels fantastic in hand. We personally prefer the added weight, as it allows you to get a much more stable target lock-on, especially when the wind picks up. 

The extra weight also gives the Pro ZR a decidedly premium feel that we really enjoyed. 

The rangefinder fits nicely in the hand, and thanks to the slightly ribbed rubber sections on the top and bottom, it feels very secure.

The added ribbed texture also adds to the overall premium feel you get when holding the Pro ZR. 

In terms of overall looks and feel, Shot Scope has smashed it out of the park with this new model.

But how did it perform?

Shot Scope Pro ZR
Shot Scope Pro ZR

Shot Scope PRO ZR Laser Rangefinder - Performance

Getting the Pro ZR out on the course, we instantly had to try out the reported 1,500 range.

While we can't imagine there will ever be a need to use it, we can confirm it is spot on, thanks to our long-range effort to lock on to the London Club's clubhouse from afar. 

The LCD display is crystal clear, as promised, and the variety of different optics are also incredibly easy to see and understand. 

You can also change the optics between red and black with the click of a button, which is designed to help in different light conditions. 

In terms of locking on to the target, the rapid-fire target lock did as it said on the box, and thanks to the additional weight, we also found it was very stable and easy to hold still. 

Shot Scope Pro ZR
Shot Scope Pro ZR

The Pro ZR also comes with an in-built slope adjustment, which can be turned on and off for competitive golf with a simple slide of a switch located on the side of the range finder. 

Shot Scope Pro ZR
Shot Scope Pro ZR

Another additional feature that we particularly liked was the built-in magnet, which allows you to stick the rangefinder to a trolley or golf cart.

At the time of testing, we were using buggies, and it was really useful to be able to quickly grab the Pro ZR from the side of the windshield.

We also went over some rather large hills and bumps, and the Pro ZR didn't budge once, so rest assured, the magnet is very strong. 

All in all, Shot Scope has produced a really solid rangefinder that not only performs well but also looks and feels prepared for anything your round can throw at it. 

All of the functions worked as promised, and when all was considered, we couldn't pick a single weak spot in the Pro ZR's armour.

Shot Scope Pro ZR
Shot Scope Pro ZR

Should you buy the Shot Scope Pro ZR?

If you're looking for an incredibly sturdy range finder that not only looks and feels good but is also packed full of features, then the Pro ZR is an excellent choice and provides plenty of value for its £299 price tag.

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