PICKS OF THE WEEK: Our favourite accessories from VICE Golf

VICE Golf offer more than just fantastic golf balls, so take a look at some of our favourite accessories they have to offer.

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Thu, 11 Feb 2021
PICKS OF THE WEEK: Our favourite accessories from VICE Golf

VICE Golf has established themselves as one of the most popular golf ball brands in the game and their balls do not only provide excellent value for money, but they take golfers by surprise with the high level of performance on offer. But they don't only sell golf balls...

The accessories on offer at VICE Golf are fantastic, from caps, beanies, gloves to towels, they have you covered.

This is one of the coolest brands in golf, so take a look at some of our favourite accessories that you might want to add to your collection.


The Vice PURE glove is handcrafted from the world’s finest and most technologically advanced gloving lamb leathers. Amazingly soft and supple, perfect grip and the purest feel you can get. It feels almost like nothing on. All of this guarantees ultimate control for the best golf performance ever. With many VICE Golf products, the more you buy, the cheaper they cost per item.



From handpicked, high-quality materials to detailed prints in various positions on the Vice DAD CREW Cap and down to the finest details, this cap reflects the claim we make on all our products: Highest quality paired with premium design and functionality. 




The delineated and protrude GORILLA portrait on the new VICE SHINE 2019 BLACK towel is chosen to display strength and power on the course - hole-outs from the bunker can now be celebrated with your powerful partner. The reverse-side is decorated with an oversized VICE Verve lettering on a true black background, promising the towel to not look overly dirtly after use. The more VICE Golf towels you buy, the cheaper they cost per item!



VICE POLAR FLEECE keeps you warm despite being extremely light weight. VICE POLAR FLEECE is highly resistant and super quick drying. The elasticity of the material is pleasantly comfortable and breathable.



The VICE GUARD umbrella protects you and your playing partners against rain and wind while impressing with high quality, functionality and design. With the timeless, classic design you will cut a fine figure on and off the golf course even in the most difficult conditions.



Although designed as a cartbag, the Vice PRIDE features a soft-padded carry strap for comfortable and easy transportation to and from the car. The adaptive bottom of the bag allows for a perfect fit on all trolleys and carts. With its almost full-length, 15-fold compartment divisions right through to the base, the Vice PRIDE bag guarantees tidy and convenient storage for your clubs. A soft-padded carry strap as well as an ergonomic carrying handle is integrated into the top of the Vice PRIDE bag for simple transportation. Eight pockets of different sizes offer space for balls, gloves, accessories, apparel and more.