adidas TOUR360 24 Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic reviews the new adidas TOUR360 24 Golf Shoes.

adidas TOUR360 24
adidas TOUR360 24
Supple leather upper looks and feels superb
TORSION BRIDGE provides outstanding stability throughout the golf swing
Jet Boost heel cushioning delivers excellent energy return and comfort
Slight lack of arch support may be an issue for some golfers

adidas TOUR360 34 Key Features:

  • TORSION BRIDGE: Enhanced stability and control for an elevated performance on the course
  • THINTECH 7-Spike Outsole: Optimal traction designed to conquer various terrains with ease
  • JET BOOST Cushioning: Unprecedented comfort and energy return, ensuring peak performance



The Adidas TOUR360 34 shoes, the latest iteration of a wildly popular line, are not just about style. They are packed with a wide range of performance-enhancing features, all wrapped up in a stunning premium leather design, making them a perfect choice for serious golfers. 

Adidas has long been considered one of the finest footwear brands in golf. It's trusted by some of the best players in the world, including Collin Morikawa and Ludvig Aberg

The TOUR360 24s have been developed with performance comfort and style in mind, so to test them out, we took them for a spin at Foxhills Golf Course in Surrey.

Let's get into it.

adidas TOUR360 24
adidas TOUR360 24

adidas TOUR360 24 Looks:

Classy, athletic and modern, the TOUR360 24s cover all the bases, and the overall appearance is one that immediately wows when you take them out of the box.

The premium leather looks fantastic. The all-white upper is perfectly complimented by the classic adidas three-stripe design and subtle green detailing on the sole.

The upper also features discreet perforations around the collar, which provide some nice textural detailing. 

Perhaps the most modern design feature is the green torsion bar and the hard plastic sliver of green that meanders into the midsole. 

adidas TOUR360 24
adidas TOUR360 24

This added touch of tech delivers a subtle modernity that we absolutely love. 

Looking down at the shoes when on foot, they offer a very streamlined appearance, which we think will really appeal to golfers who don't like to feel like their shoes are bulky or oversized. 

The toe box and forefoot are also left completely clean, giving the shoes quite a traditional appearance down at address that we believe will appeal to a large audience of golfers. 

We can't fault the overall design. Adidas has kept things relatively simple, and it has worked remarkably well. 

adidas TOUR360 24
adidas TOUR360 24

adidas TOUR360 24 Comfort and Performance:

While we absolutely loved the look of these shoes, where they really excel is in both comfort and performance. 

When we slipped the shoes on for the first time, we immediately felt locked in. The shoes feature a 360-degree wrap that utilises the Torsion Bridge and internal straps attached to the tongue to hold your foot in place. This extra level of support felt very comfy when walking but really came into its own when swinging. 

Stability is key during the golf swing, and thanks to the 360 wrap, we were able to swing as hard as we could on every shot with full confidence that our feet were well-supported and wouldn't roll. 

So, if you swing hard at the ball, these shoes are among the best on the market for ensuring a solid and stable base. 

The JetBoost heel padding also provides additional comfort. A new iteration of adidas's iconic Boost foam, the JetBoost uses slightly smaller, firmer energy capsules to provide an ideal balance of comfort and support.

We are huge fans of Boost, and thankfully, despite its firmer nature, this material still provides that lovely bouncy feeling we've come to love from Boost foam. 

adidas TOUR360 24
adidas TOUR360 24

The supple leather construction also provides straight out-of-the-box comfort, and we are pleased to report there was no initial stiffness that you can sometimes expect from leather golf shoes. 

The tongue sits nicely, and the heel features a ‘T-Shape’ suede microfiber construction, which not only feels great against skin or socks but is also designed to improve durability.

In previous iterations of the TOUR360, we have experienced the most wear and tear in the heel area, so it's great to see adidas has addressed that specific area of concern. 

There is also plenty of space in the toe box despite the sleek design. 

We have relatively wide feet, but thankfully, there was no level of discomfort during our round. 

One area where perhaps there isn't quite as much support as we would have liked is the arch of the foot.

Our feet felt relatively flat in the shoes, which, while beneficial for stability, might cause some golfers who prefer an abundance of arch support to experience foot fatigue over long periods. 

adidas TOUR360 24
adidas TOUR360 24

These shoes are excellent in terms of traction. The THINTECH 7-spike outsole provides grip in all the right areas thanks to seven TPU spikes, and the secondary layer, which is made of flex grooves, provides additional grip across the entirety of the sole. 

All in all, we really struggled to fault the level of comfort and traction provided by these shoes. If we had to pick out one area for potential improvement in the future, it would be arch support, but on the whole, adidas has knocked it out of the park with the TOUR360 24s.

It's also worth noting that these shoes are fully waterproof and come with a one-year waterproof guarantee for peace of mind. 

adidas TOUR360 24
adidas TOUR360 24

Should you buy a pair of adidas TOUR360 24 Golf Shoes?

If you're looking for a pair of golf shoes that deliver excellent looks, fantastic performance, and long-lasting comfort all year round, then the TOUR360 24s should be at the top of your shopping list.

Durable, stylish, comfy and stable, these shoes really do cover all the bases, and thanks to the timeless design and replaceable spikes, they could last you a number of seasons without any issues. 

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