G/FORE Gallivan2r Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out the new G/FORE Gallivan2r Golf Shoes.

G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r
Outstanding levels of comfort
Monochrome design looks fantastic with any outfit
The best insole on the market
Spikes provide fantastic traction
Wide footprint delivers excellent stability
Large outsole around the toe box does make your feet look particularly large
G/FORE Gallivan2r Golf Shoes

Key Features:

  • Waterproof synthetic upper: supple and easy to wipe clean while provideing plenty of protection from the elements
  • 3D Moulded external heel cup: provides lateral support and keeps your heel locked in place
  • Eva midsole with auxetic sidewall: designed to provide long lasting comfort and prevent foot fatigue
  • Removable textured insole: massages your feet with every stride
  • Amplified sole with rubber spikes: extra traction points deliver stability and traction

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Renowned for its loud branding and high quality, G/FORE has been a trendsetter in the golf industry since it burst on the scene in 2011.

Carefully tweaking traditional designs with modern twists, the brand has quickly become synonymous with apparel and footwear that likes to push the boundaries.

The new Gallivan2r shoes are a perfect example of that exact design process. The relatively classic silhouette has received a modern makeover to meet the demands of the modern golfer.

Constructed from synthetic fabrics and rounded out with performance-improving details, these shoes are one of G/FORE’s premier spiked models.

To see how they performed, we took them out for a spin at Huntercombe Golf Club in Oxfordshire.

Let’s get into it.

G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r Golf Shoes Looks:

G/FORE has produced some of the more inventive shoe designs in recent years, with the likes of the G.112 and MG4X2 blurring the lines between on and off-course styling.

With the Gallivan2r, however, it is clear that these shoes are designed specifically for golf.

From afar, the traditional silhouette is reminiscent of designs from yesteryear and wouldn't have looked out of place on the fairway 30 years ago.

However, when you take a closer look, you notice modern details that have revived the look to bring it up to date with today's taste.

The primarily white upper features a wraparound panel of black and grey, which we absolutely love and it's a design choice that also features on the FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX. 

We absolutely love this design, and it accentuates the shape of the shoes beautifully.

Black detailing around the collar and a textured midsole also add premium touches that elevate the overall look.

G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r

Another small detail that we really like is the numbered strip that runs down the back of the shoes.

These additional touches certainly add a more luxurious and premium feel to the overall aesthetic. 

While we absolutely love the look of these shoes overall, one detail still has us scratching our heads. 

The outsole that runs around the edge of the toe box is quite pronounced, and it does make your feet look particularly large when looking down at them. 

For those with smaller feet, this probably won't be a problem. However, we wear a size 10, and with the additional length and width, our feet did look slightly oversized in these shoes. 

G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r Comfort and Performance

The days of having to wear in golf shoes appear to be behind us, thankfully. 

When we slipped these shoes on for the first time, we immediately headed out onto the course and experienced absolutely no discomfort at all.

The synthetic construction and moulded 3D collar feel snug, but thanks to the width and softness of the materials, they don't rub or trap any part of the foot.

Fans of G/FORE golf shoes may also be familiar with the unique insole thats comes as standard. It has a bumpy finish that massages your feet as you walk, and personally, we think it's the best insole on the market right now. 

It might be a Marmite addition for those who don't like the sensation it delivers, but thankfully, the insoles are removable for those who prefer a more standard feel on their soles. 

The Eva midsole also provides plenty of energy return, which makes walking down the fairway quite a bouncy experience. 

In terms of support, there is suitable padding under the arch and ball of your feet, which prevents your feet from aching during or after the round. 

G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r

The shoe's wide footprint also provided excellent stability, on par with the FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon

To help deliver plenty of traction, the shoes have been fitted with relatively low profile spikes that provided us plenty of grip throughout the round and held fast during even our most rigorous swings with the driver. 

All in all, these Gallivan2rs are some of the best-spiked shoes we have tested this year and will be tough to beat in terms of all-around looks, comfort and performance. 

G/FORE Gallivan2r
G/FORE Gallivan2r
Should you buy the G/FORE Gallivan2r?

In short, yes, you absolutely should buy a pair of these shoes. 

They deliver a modern take on the classic golf shoe while also delivering outstanding levels of comfort and performance. 

The only minor fault we can pick out is the enlarged outsole, but if you can look past that minor design detail, these shoes are right up there with the best on the market in 2024.

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