FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out FootJoy's new Pro/SLX Carbon golf shoes.

FootJoy Pro XLS
FootJoy Pro XLS
Outstanding level of traction, locked-in comfort benefits your stride and swing, fresh modern design provides plenty of shelf appeal
May be a touch on the pricey side for the casual golfer

FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon golf shoes Key Features:

  • PWR TRAX System: a moulded 3D X-Wing that is engaged by swing forces to redistribute energy to the perimeter of the golf shoe
  • Race Trak Outsole with radial disc traction: harnesses and extends into the ground to increase the overall traction footprint
  • StratoFoamTM midsole: specifically tuned to absorb and return energy with every step

Arguably the biggest footwear brand in golf, FootJoy knows what it's doing when it comes to creating golf shoes that deliver performance and long-lasting comfort. 

Building on the success of the Pro SL line, which was first launched eight years ago, FootJoy has updated the model, giving it a fresh design while incorporating new technology designed to provide superior comfort and energy return. 

We were lucky enough to be invited to Royal Norwich Golf Club earlier this month to learn about the new shoes and take them for a test drive in some rather wet and windy conditions.

Let's get into it.

FootJoy Pro/SLX Golf Shoes
FootJoy Pro/SLX Golf Shoes

FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon Looks:

Straight out of the box, we were impressed with the look of this shoe. The primarily white leather upper is both modern and classic at the same time, with flashes of colour in the midsole and toe providing a fresh level of contrast that works to give the shoes plenty of shelf appeal.

The heel stabiliser has now been moved to the outside of the shoes, giving them a somewhat futuristic feel that ties in nicely with the rest of the design. 

The grey tongue and laces compliment the flashes of lime green that you can see on the eyelets and toe, with the two details adding lovely touches of detail to give the shoes a premium look.

In terms of shaping, these shoes are wide, just where you want them to be, without being overly bulky. 

Staring down at our feet during the round, we found the overall shape of the shoes to be very pleasing to the eye. 

Typically, with shoes that are designed primarily for stability and comfort, the silhouette can be somewhat lacking in subtlety. However, we were pleasantly surprised by how streamlined these shoes looked and felt.

FootJoy Pro/SLX
FootJoy Pro/SLX

FootJoy Pro/XLS Carbon Comfort and Performance:

One of the key innovations incorporated into these shoes was also the most eye-catching when we first laid eyes on them. At first glance, the sole appears to be completely lacking in traction through the middle of the foot.

This design is the result of extensive testing, and the integration of a new carbon fibre moulded X Wing that is visible on the exterior of the sole.

The X wing redistributes force from your swing to the external Race Trak sole, which runs, much like a racetrack, around the exterior of the sole of the shoes.

This allows weight and force to be pushed to the perimeter of your foot in order to improve stability through the swing. 

FootJoy PRo/XLS
FootJoy PRo/XLS

The Race Trak outsole features a variety of different traction designs, including long, thin blades in the middle of the foot, which are designed to provide improved lateral traction. 

As previously mentioned, we tested these shoes during one of the wetter days of the year, and while the fairways were almost completely waterlogged, the shoes didn't waiver in the level of stability or traction they offered. 

Regarding comfort, the two key features that really stuck out to us were the 3D moulded collar and the StratoFoam midsole. 

FootJoy Pro/XLS
FootJoy Pro/XLS

The 3D collar provides an incredibly snug sensation around the heel, giving you a feeling of real stability with every stride.

That locked-in sensation remained consistent throughout the swing, enabling us to really commit to every shot without fear of our ankle slipping or sliding within the shoe.

The second feature that stood out to us was the StratoFoam midsole, which, combined with the Ortholite Impressions FitBed, provides one of the most comfortable walking sensations we've experienced. 

Much like a good pair of running shoes, we felt like we were bouncing along the fairway, with the shoes providing an ideal balance of flexibility and cushioning in order to support our feet while also cradling them to provide comfort. 

All-in-all we were incredibly impressed by the level of comfort and stability these shoes provide. While FootJoy has certainly set a high bar in the shoe department, it continues to push it even higher year on year, and the Pro/XLS Carbons are a perfect example of that. 

Footjoy Pro/XLS Carbon
Footjoy Pro/XLS Carbon

Should you buy the FootJoy Pro/XLS Carbon Golf Shoes?

If you're looking for a pair of golf shoes that provide excellent levels of stability, comfort and performance, then the Pro/XLS Carbons are going to be hard to beat in 2024. 

Providing long-lasting comfort, an added spring in your step, and a fresh modern design, these shoes tick almost every box there is. 

While these shoes may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, they undoubtedly offer excellent value for the investment.

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