Adams Pro Hybrid

We review ten of the latest golf hybrids on the market but which is the best?

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Wed, 24 Sep 2014

Brand: Adams
Hybrid: Pro
RRP: £159
Available lofts: 16-, 18-, 20-, 23- & 26-degree
Shaft: Aldila Tour Red

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Watch the video above to see how the Golfmagic Hybrids Test 2014 was conducted


Adams Golf, the dominant hybrid brand in world golf, has a range of three new hybrids in 2014 comprising the Pro, Pro Mini and Pro DHy. The Pro Hybrid echoes and confirms the innovative upside-down design of Adams' original Tight Lies fairway woods back in the 1990s. This hybrid features a longer, flatter sole and a shallower face, as well as the brand's innovative Velocity Slot and Cut Thru Slot technologies.


The stylish grey and red sole of the Adams Pro Hybrid exudes class in the palm of glove and should appeal to a large audience. The dark grey finish of the crown is complimented by a black shaft and the traditional hybrid headshape filled all four testers with confidence at address. The Velocity Slot Technology on top of the club may distract some players but we found it particularly useful for alignment down our targets. 4.25 (out of 5)


It has a soft, rigid feel that lets you know when you have hit one out the middle and when you haven't. Aldila Tour Red shaft is well balanced and easy to control. 8.75 (out of 10)


Incredibly long off a tee peg and very versatile off the deck, whether that be from fairway, intermediate or first cut of rough. Very easy to work the ball both ways, essentially down to the repositioning of the CG behind the centre of the shallow face. Andy and Brian said they could really get in there and dig the ball out quickly from a nasty lie. Charlie and Rich experienced superb levels of forgiveness on off-centre hits. Adams' innovative Velocity Slot and Cut Thru Slot technologies worked their magic throughout the test, channeling more energy into the ball, optimising launch angle, improving spin rates and generating faster ball speed. Andy and Charlie enjoyed great turf interaction from the long, flat sole of the Pro Hybrid, noting how it glided through the turf beautifully. 8.75 (out of 10)


In a class of its own. Easy to see why Adams is the No.1 played hybrid on the PGA Tour right now. Adams' tagline for 2014 is #OwnTheSecondShot and we can see exactly why. With the Pro Hybrid in the bag, okay it retails near the top end of this test at £159, you will experience great distance, ease of launch and superb workability. A hybrid that works for Adams Golf staffer and four-time major champion Ernie Els as well as an 18-plus handicapper. 21.75 (out of 25)

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