Bridgestone J40 CB

On test: 10 of the latest irons for the better player. Results were close but one club emerges as winner

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 25 Sep 2013

Bridgestone J40 CB

Brand: Bridgestone
Player iron: J40 CB
RRP: £549 Best price: £529
Loft: 31-degree Lie: 62.5-degree Length: 37.25”
Shaft: Project X Flighted Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Summary: Bridgestone J40 CB features premium forged 1020 carbon steel, a compact head with a higher face progression provides tour control and better feel and relief at trailing edge, leading edge, toe, and heel for improved versatility.

Appearance: Not too much going on but the laser etched Bridgestone ‘B’ is an elegantly cool touch. On first looks, you think this club will be pretty hard to get in the air with its thin topline but when flipping the club over, you realise otherwise with the iron’s perimeter-weighted design and added weight behind the sweetspot. The clubhead itself is compact and clean looking. Bridgestone says the compact head gradually increases in size as you progress up the set. 8

Feel: Soft feel through impact. I’d never previously encountered the Project X Flighted shaft before (only the Project X) and I was taken by the slightly lower kick point that provided me with a piercing mid-to-high ball flight and easy launch. 8

Performance: Impressive forgiveness and distance on off-centre hits but this iron wasn’t the longest performer in the test as the ball was flying a little too high for my liking - yet that wasn’t surprising given the 31-degree of loft on offer. Consistent accuracy more than made amends. 8.5

Verdict: Although the J40 CB is a cavity back forged iron, I don’t think it acts like your typical cavity back. When you hit the ball flush, the feeling is second to none. The forgiveness on the heel and toe of the club is exceptional. If you have a consistent swing, are a good ball striker, and place a premium on accuracy then these irons will definitely be worth a swing. 23

Pro Verdict: I really like the look of this club at address. Ball striking felt soft and buttery and there was a decent amount of forgiveness on offer with the shallow cavity. The ball does fly a little too high for my liking, though.

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