Wilson FG Tour V2

On test: 10 of the latest irons for the better player. Results were close but one club emerges as winner

Wilson FG Tour V2

Brand: Wilson Staff
Player iron: FG Tour V2
RRP: £499 Best price: £394
Loft: 31-degree Lie: 61.5-degree Length: 37.75”
Shaft: KBS Tour Grip: Lamkin Crossline

Summary: The Wilson FG Tour V2 is forged from 8620 mild carbon steel but don’t let that fool you into thinking these are cheaply made. These irons scream detail from their precise weight distribution to the extra padding behind the sweet spot to enhance feel.

Appearance: Classic looking square, clean cut Wilson design. Medium sole, thin topline and a bit of help on the outside provides good forgiveness. The sleek silver and black look is a mixture of class and simplicity. This iron offers a slightly higher bounce than some other player’s irons, creating a larger sole. 9

Feel: KBS shaft and Lamkin grip aided confidence at address and I received a lovely, soft, forged feel off the face. There was also a nice muted sound at impact and decent feedback on off-centre hits. When you hit the FG Tour V2 in the centre, you have to look down to make sure you actually hit the ball. Pure, indeed. 9

Performance: True flight and decent workability. You probably need to hit the ball a certain standard to get the most from this club. The FG Tour V2 is a pretty traditional loft for a player’s club and is easy to flight. If you like to move the ball up and down or left and right, you should have no problem with this iron. The slightly larger clubhead also encourages confidence when you set up behind the ball. 9

Verdict: Slightly larger clubhead for a better player iron but it looks good, feels soft and there is plenty of workability on offer. Good price point and value for money - probably the best player iron you are not considering. 27

Pro Verdict: On first appearance, it’s too shiny and would not suit my game when playing in the sun. I like the cavity back and design of the club, though, and it feels well balanced throughout. In terms of performance, strikes felt great. I also like how the shaft moved nicely with the head. Aside from appearance, performance is impressive.

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