Wilson FG Tour

We review ten of the latest wedges and put them through the ultimate test with a Tour pro and Flightscope shot data. Who comes out on top?

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Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay
Thu, 4 Jul 2013
Wilson FG Tour

Brand: Wilson Staff
Wedge: FG Tour TC
RRP: £79
Best price: £75
Loft: 52-degree
Lie: 64-degree
Bounce: 6-degree
Length: 35.5"
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold

Summary: Wilson FG Tour TC features 2 sole options of Traditional (players with steep angle of attack) and Tour Grind (players with shallow to medium angle of attack). Milled grooves boost spin and improve shot-to-shot consistency. It’s been designed with input from Wilson staffers Padraig Harrington and Ricky Barnes.

Appearance: Although a little bland looking, there’s no denying it’s a classic shape. A little shiny out in the sun, though. If you like the look of a bladed wedge, this wedge fits the bill. We like how the C-Sole grind allows the leading edge to sit down close to the grass. CNC milling process carves grooves nicely on the face to produce maximum spin. 4

Feel: Stable sensation through impact. The beveled sole cuts crisply through the turf. It’s very much head heavy, however, which seems to be a familiar trait to some wedges in this test. Saying that, it’s easy to control. 8.5

Performance: Ball sticks on the face and there's plenty of spin on offer. Wilson claims to have cranked up full shots with 200 to 300 more rpm of spin and we’re pleased to report decent spin rates. Ball flight seems higher than ideal but not too much loss in yardage. 8.5

Verdict: Versatile club that performs well around the greens and on full shots down the line. Not the longest out there but certainly one of the best zipping wedges on the market. 21

Pro Verdict: No offset is a plus as the head is on the shaft. Solid distance, a little surprising if I’m honest. Ball flight is nice and high but there’s little loss of distance. Traditional looks, albeit not very exciting to look at when in the bag. 


Average Carry (yards)

Average Spin Rate (rpm)

Andy (7 hcap)



Charlie (12 hcap)



Tom (pro)



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