Royalty Sports Wedge & Putter Review | Should these be on the PGA Tour?

GolfMagic tests and reviews products from Royalty Sports, a brand with premium price tags, but could they make it onto the PGA Tour.

Royalty Sports Wedge & Putter Review | Should these be on the PGA Tour?
Royalty Sports Wedge & Putter Review | Should these be on the PGA Tour?
Incredible aesthetics, sensational feel with the wedge, perfect weighting with the putter, premium custom fitting available,
Slightly deeper milling in the putter would make it complete

Royalty Sports was brought to life by former baseball star Bobby Bradley and the brand's name was formed through his passion for both baseball and poker. The products come with a hefty price tag, but do you get the bang for your buck that you'd expect with high-quality products like this?

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GolfMagic's Alex Lodge put two of the brand's top products to the test recently, the Royalty Jackpot wedge and the Royalty STR8 Flush Diamond Tour putter, so check out the video below to find out everything you need to know and don't forget to smash that like button and hit subscribe to stay up to date with all our YouTube content.




As we mentioned before, the products from Royalty Sports certainly don't come cheap, but CEO Bobby Bradley - whose company does some fantastic work for multiple charities - made it clear that the ideal market for his brand is for those who prefer the ultimate custom fitting experience, similar to the likes of PXG.

The Royalty STR8 Flush Diamond putter sells for $749.99 while the Jackpot wedges come in at $999.99 for a set of three.

In terms of looks, when paying that much money for a product it's crucial that it certainly looks the part.

The wedges do not disappoint in that area. The milling looks absolutely beautiful and extremely clean, while the simplistic design still manages to look highly premium.

The shape of the Jackpot wedge is nothing too out of the ordinary and at address has a Cleveland feel to it in terms of shape, something that we loved about them, given the success of Cleveland wedges and their worldwide popularity.

The Royalty STR8 Flush Diamond putter is also a sight to behold, with its cleanly crafted clubhead in a matte-black finish and in our opinion looked like a sensational blend between a Scotty Cameron and PXG putter, again reinforcing that premium feel.

Performance wise, from initial testing at the range with the wedges, you could certainly get a great feel out of them which isn't something we often say when hitting range balls. It tends to be on the course using TaylorMade TP5's or Titleist Pro V1's where you really get to grips with how good it feels out of the face, so this was a nice surprise and a very positive start.

Early testing with the putter also proved very positive and you would hope so to with that serious price tag.

The weight of the putter fills you with confidence as it has a slightly heavier feel but the weighting is spread out through the clubface to create a really balanced feel, which is especially useful when putting from long range.

On the course, we were wowed by the feel of the Jackpot wedges around the greens and in Alex's own words: "the feel you get using a premium golf ball, I've never felt anything like it with a wedge."

The wedge screams confidence and not only did they feel incredible, but they performed equally as good with fantastic spin control.

We think that although these wedges have a heavy price tag, with the amount of customisation and custom fitting that is available, combined with the supreme performance we experienced, these wedges are well worth the money if you are willing to part with that sort of money for them.

For more details about Royalty Sports, Bobby Bradley and the products we have reviewed, make sure you watch the video attached to this article.


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