Callaway PARADYM Triple Diamond 5-Wood vs Callaway PARADYM 3-Wood

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge and Reviews Editor Matt Chivers assess the performance of two new Callaway Paradym fairway woods for 2023.

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Matt Chivers
Mon, 9 Jan 2023
Callaway PARADYM Triple Diamond 5-Wood vs Callaway PARADYM 3-Wood

Need To Know

- Explosive ball speeds and good distances suit a wide range of golfers. - The springy and solid feel of the face was very satisfying. - Good forgiveness across the face, particularly with the Paradym model.
- £379 is a big price tag for a fairway wood.
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PRICE: £379.00 YEAR: from 2023

Callaway has announced the release of their new Paradym fairway wood range, delivering huge ball speeds and big distances. 

The Paradym, the Paradym X and the Paradym Triple Diamond fairway woods are the new and improved models for 2023 which the famous company want people to test and purchase on February 24 when they are available at retail.

The A.I Designed Jailbreak Batwing structure stiffens the body of the clubs, while the Forged Carbon sole allows for unprecedented weight distribution, maximised distance and higher MOI.

Callaway has incorporated up to 23g of high-density tungsten to push the centre of gravity low and forward. The brand has also applied A.I face optimisation to include spin, speed and control. The clubs are progressively shaped with an adjustable hosel in the 3-wood and 3HL models.

You can watch GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge's full review of the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 5-wood and the Callaway Paradym 3-wood below.




What are the Callaway Paradym fairway woods all about?

Callaway engineers wanted to reimagine how a fairway wood is constructed with a shift in distance and forgiveness. The design eliminates weight from the body and repositions weight for more speed and high MOI.

There are three new models which have been designed with specific players in mind. The Paradym club has progressive shaping and it is the most robust option which suits a wide range of players.

This model is constructed to produce a high launch and neutral ball flight. The Paradym X fairway wood fits players who want forgiveness with a high launch and a small draw bias.

The Forged Carbon toe patch redistributed weight to the heel which intends to make this fairway wood easy to turn over. The Paradym Triple Diamond model has a compact shape with a deeper face at address.

Stronger players will suit this club as it produces a penetrating ball flight with a lower spin. As you can see, each of the three models addresses the needs of all golfers.

Which golfers suit the Callaway Paradym fairway woods?

With the compact face of the Triple Diamond models, they are suited to better players and more confident ball-strikers. Therefore, they are aimed at lower handicappers.

As we experienced with the standard Paradym design in the 3-wood, it has a larger head which looks and feels more forgiving. This makes this model more suited to a wider range of golfers who are looking for forgiveness across the club face.

It is important to point out that the entire Callaway Paradym fairway wood range offers great ball speeds and strong distances and neither of the three designs is strongly aimed at one type of golfer, so test what you can and discover which one suits you.

Looks and feel

With the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond model, we liked the subtle blue colour of the head. Although some golfers prefer simple designs, we were fans of this colourway.

After testing the club on the golf simulator at Gray's Golf, we enjoyed the springy feel from the club face. The feel is certainly improved compared to previous Callaway woods.

Comparison: Performance and forgiveness

We tested the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 5-wood. As we've previously mentioned, this is a compact model. It didn't take long to discover the explosive ball speeds and distance which were statistically comparable to a driver.

The ball speeds were thoroughly impressive. Alex achieved marks of 165 mph which benefits all types of golfers, despite the Triple Diamond model being aimed at the better player.

The 5-wood averaged 279 yards in total distance and 3611 in RPM. Alex's average ball speed was 163.1 mph which is very impressive for a 5-wood. Having tested the new Paradym Triple Diamond 5-wood, we discovered Callaway's focus on speed very quickly.

With the Callaway Paradym 3-wood, the head is bigger and more forgiving at address. We found good results with off-centre hits and once again, we found explosive distances and solid ball speeds.

The ball speeds are marginally higher than the 5-wood at 164.7 mph and the average RPM was expectedly lower at 3144. Our average yardage was 295 yards which would please many golfers who are looking for an alternative to their driver off the tee box.


If we are to take away one feature from the new Callaway Paradym fairway woods, it would be feel. We enjoyed the solid and springy connections from the club face which produce impressive ball speeds and distances.

We like how the Callaway Paradym fairway wood collection covers all golfers, whether you are off scratch or 36. With the speed and stability brought by the A.I. Designed Jailbreak Batwing structure, the Forged Carbon plate and the Tungsten Speed Cartridge, these models tick every box.

Better players should consider the Paradym Triple Diamond 5-wood. It is very impressive with good club adjustability and the compact head suits good ball strikers.

The Triple Diamond has a high MOI and high forgiveness, but you can also work the ball with this model and produce fast ball speeds. Having said that, if you prefer a bigger look down at address, the standard Paradym design would be better.