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Putter number one is the Dunlop while number two is the Odyssey.


Nick Methers, Handicap - 11




“I found putter number one a bit light - overall and especially in the head. Putter number two is just a bit weightier. I prefer number two all round.”


Verdict – Odyssey


John Wills, Handicap - 16




“I find number one much too head heavy but to be honest it’s not too bad. On the other hand number two feels nicely balanced and has a soft feel. Number two is much better.”


Verdict – Odyssey


Phil Baker, Handicap - 28




“I’m not the best putter and I found it really hard to tell the difference. They both have a nice weight and feel to them. I can’t choose between them.”


Verdict – Draw


Michael Carrick (not the footballer, unfortunately), Handicap - 20




“I find number one just a bit light which I struggle with. Number two is just a bit weightier and I prefer the feel a bit. It’s close to choose one but I just about prefer number two. “


Verdict – Odyssey


Paul Robert, Handicap – 13




“Number one offers me a better feel and I like the weight more. Number two has a nice feel but that’s all I like really.”


Verdict – Dunlop


Joe McKenzie, Handicap – 28




“Number two had a soft feel and had a nice weight to it. Number one on the other hand felt horrible. I Definitely prefer number two.”


Verdict – Odyssey


Louis Watkins, Handicap – 18




“Number one had a nice weight but that’s just about it. It has a hard, dead feel whereas number two feels soft.”


Verdict – Odyssey


Bob Eales, Dandicap – 5




“Number one has no feel and is very head-heavy which I struggled with. Number two I think has an insert because it has a very soft feel. It produces a consistent, true roll.”


Verdict – Odyssey


Ralph Erskin, Handicap – 28




“To be honest I really couldn’t tell the difference. They seem to have a slightly different weight and feel to them and the ball comes off a bit different but I’d use either.”


Verdict – Draw


Eric Lither, Handicap – 12




“Straight away I didn’t like the weight balance of number one. It has a hard feel and makes a horrid sound. Number two feels much nicer. It’s a nice putter.”


Verdict - Odyssey






Odyssey – 6
Dunlop – 1
Draw – 3






While it’s not surprising 60% of those who took part in our test preferred the Odyssey, it was unexpected that 40% of the testers didn’t choose the Odyssey as an outright winner.


Almost half those tested would have been happy with the Dunlop or the Odyssey but they definitely would have been more happy with the price tag on the Dunlop. 


The Odyssey Versa #9 has a White Hot insert that provides a soft feel and the company clearly spend a hefty sum on research which made them decide to use high contrast alignment technology on the putter.


On the other hand, the Dunlop is simply a stainless steel putter with a double milled face and from this test it seems obvious to users that the Odyssey is of a better quality.


But the main point from this, which we tried to explain to Paul Robert as he stormed off having chosen the Dunlop, is that there is no right or wrong answer as putting is purely personal preference.


If you prefer the Dunlop and it suits your game then that’s the one for you. Don’t write off a vastly cheaper putter just because it isn’t used by the pros. Give it a bash and see what you think.


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