Bryson DeChambeau hits 144mph club speed in training session

Bryson DeChambeau showed off his intense driver training where he reached 144mph club speed.

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Wed, 15 Jul 2020
Bryson DeChambeau hits 144mph club speed in training session

Bryson DeChambeau sent golf fans into a spiral on Instagram when he posted a video of his intense long-game training that saw him reach a club speed of 144mph with his driver.

The average clubhead speed with a driver on the PGA Tour is 113mph, so to see DeChambeau achieving an extra 30mph on top of the average is incredible.


DeChambeau has changed his body over the last few months to help him add more size and speed and it's safe to say he's accomplished it, with the 26-year-old flying up the Driving Distance statistics this season into first place, with an average of 323 yards.

The big-hitting American has been the talk of the town and whether you like him or not, he's found something that works and it's made him one of the most dangerous players on the PGA Tour right now.

Watch the video below as DeChambeau puts in the work with his driver against what has to be a pretty strong net, with the six-time PGA Tour winner ripping bomb after bomb and achieving that insane 144mph clubhead speed.


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The video received comments from golf fans and professionals, so check out some of our favoruites below.

"Very noble of you to take a week off and let the other tour players earn a living."

"Hate on this guy all u want. He’s the real deal."

"This man is unstoppable."

"So at what point do you break the driver?"

"That net will need some major repairs."

"Bryson bringing the long drive competition to the tour."

"This is insane and I love it."

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