Bryson DeChambeau reveals love of Post-It Notes at 3M Open

Bryson DeChambeau spends more than two and half hours at 3M HQ admiring Post-It Notes...

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Thu, 4 Jul 2019


If any golfer was going to get a buzz out of a tour around 3M Company Headquarters ahead of this week's 3M Open then it was obviously going to be Bryson DeChambeau. 


Treating it like a five-year-old's trip to Walt Disney, the 25-year-old American explained how he spent "literally two and half hours" in the company's HQ in Maplewood as he was so fascinated by the products on show. 

After discussing how "nanotechnology" may help where his equipment is concerned, the 25-year-old then went to town on his admiration for Post-It Notes. 

Yes, Post-It Notes...

“You think, oh, man that's a small adhesive, right, you're able to rip it off real easily," said DeChambeau, "but if you stick two of them together and you try and pull linear, you literally will rip the paper before you rip the adhesive.

"But yet if you pulled it off, it's easy. So in the pull direction, right, very easy to take off, but if you start getting those things movable at a linear angle to each other, it's very, very difficult to pull them apart.

"It's like that, what do you call when you stick both your fingers in the sides of the cylinder and you try and pull on it and it tightens up and you can't pull it out?

"That's kind of what I likened it to, something as a childhood memory that I had of just not – so that's what I likened it to."



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