Bubba Watson shows off his $250,000 golf cart jetpack

Bubba Watson appears on NBC's 'The Tonight Show' 

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Fri, 25 May 2018

Bubba Watson has always been a gearhead, and his latest appearance on NBC's 'The Tonight Show' reveals exactly that tonight. 

Two-time Masters champion Watson revealed years ago that KITT from 'Knight Rider' was his childhood dream car, and it would appear that childhood dream is what inspired his recent attempts to revolutionise the golf cart.

Appearing on this week's episode of CNBC's "Jay Leno's Garage," Watson takes a ride with Leno in the famous Firebird and reveals that he has partnered with Oakley to conceive technologies that are, if not quite as advanced as KITT, still fit for science fiction.

Professional golfer Bubba Watson shows off his golf cart jetpack from CNBC.

The latest attempt is the BW-Air, also dubbed "Bubba's Jetpack," made in collaboration with Martin Aircraft. According to reports, it can fly, reaching heights of 3,000 feet and speeds of just under 50 mph!

The idea is that, between holes, golfers can simply throw their clubs in the back, strap in and take off.

"The biggest advantage I see is the bird's eye view," said Watson. "It's going to give you perspective that you've been missing."

A few years before the jetpack, Watson and Oakley produced "Bubba's Hover," a golf cart hovercraft, equipped to ride over grass, water and sand without damaging the course.

"It's quite scary when you're trying to go through a bunker or over water," said Watson. 

The Boston Globe has estimated that the technology would cost $200,000 once it did, while Science Explorer claims the price tag could be closer to $250,000.

We wonder what Bubba will comp up with next.