Dustin Johnson's former attorney found guilty of stealing $26 million

Johnson's ex-attorney had advised him on financial decisions earlier in his PGA Tour career. 

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Wed, 17 Oct 2018
Dustin Johnson's former attorney found guilty of stealing $26 million


Dustin Johnson's former attorney Nathan Hardwick has been found guilty of embezzling $26 million from the now-bankrupt real estate firm bearing his name.

Back in 2014, Johnson claimed in a lawsuit that the firm of Morris Hardwick Schneider had conspired to scam him of $3 million with a made-up investment opportunity. According to reports, $3 million had been used to cover debts incurred by Hardwick’s lavish spending.

Hardwick, 53, testified that he thought the firm’s funds he was spending were legitimately his. In reality, withdrawals were being made from the firm’s escrow accounts held in trust for the firm’s clients, reports Myrtle Beach Online.



Law.com reports that a 12-person jury convicted Hardwick on Friday of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, 21 counts of wire fraud and one count of making false statements to federally insured banks.

Hardwick advised Johnson on financial decisions earlier in his pro golf career. He ultimately changed his suit to make it seem as though Hardwick had been a “pawn” of two other business partners, the Wittstadts, to scam him of the $3 million. Hardwick’s firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2015. The firm also reached a settlement for more than $2 million with Johnson thereafter.

Testimony in Hardwick’s Northern District of Georgia trial revealed a tawdry list of expenditures that included paying for “female social companions,” lavish private jet trips and millions in gambling losses. 

“Hardwick was motivated by unadultered deceit and greed when he blatantly violated the trust placed in him by embezzling millions of dollars from his clients and partners,” said US Attorney BJ Park.

“The extravagant lifestyle that Hardwick enjoyed at the expense of others will now be traded for time in prison.”

Hardwick was taken into custody after the verdict and now awaits sentencing, likely to be 15 years.