Fuming Beef labels radio presenter a "d***head" after being called a "clown"

Andrew 'Beef' Johnston hits back at talkSPORT host Mike Parry after being labelled a "clown" in online poll.

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Sun, 23 Jul 2017
andrew beef johnston labels mike parry a d***head after calling him a clown


An irate Andrew 'Beef' Johnston has called talkSPORT presenter Mike Parry a "d***head" after being labelled a "clown" in an online poll.

Beef, who is playing in the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale where he has had his name read out as Beef Johnston on the first tee this week, took to Twitter after learning the radio host of 'The Two Mikes' had conducted an online poll as to whether the Englishman was an inspiration to youngsters or just a "clown". 

But it didn't stop there, especially when Mike Parry revealed of the 330 votes in the poll that 61% called Johnston an inspiration and 39% called him a clown. Golf fans, golfers and even other sporting stars have been getting involved in the social media war.

Here's a selection of tweets...














Parry – who was urged to resign by Beef – insisted he never meant to offend Johnston but fears he plays to the crowd too much when he should be concentrating on his game.


“No way in the world would I want to upset the Beef – a great British sportsman with great charisma," said Parry. "We need people like this.

"I just feel that he’s not altogether concentrating on his game if he’s trying to project his image as a clownish golfer."