Gary Player thinks golf is getting "too greedy" amid World Golf Tour

Gary Player thinks the proposed World Golf Tour would be damaging to the sport and that modern players are getting too greedy.

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Tue, 4 Feb 2020
Gary Player thinks golf is getting "too greedy" amid World Golf Tour

The proposed plans of a World Golf Tour funded by Saudi Arabia cash giants is certainly causing split opinions. The idea of a golf premier league consisting of 48 players competing for millions of dollars is a change that some believe is the next step in golf, while others think that it could ruin the sport.

Recently, Greg Norman shared his thoughts on the idea, something that he tried to kick-start himself over 25 years ago. The Australian thinks that the plan has "more legs" to it this time around and that the World Golf Tour is the "next important step" for the sport.

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Now it wouldn't be a topical conversation without Gary Player having his say and recently the South African came out and blasted the idea of a World Golf Tour, saying that modern greed in golf is ruining the game.

"The one thing I learned as a young person was loyalty and gratitude. We are so blessed and so lucky in this world," said Player.

"We never thought athletes across the board would be making the kind of money they are making; it’s beyond anyone's comprehension. Now someone wants to come into golf with a lot of money and ruin a tour or take over a tour where these players have been so fortunate and so lucky.

"These players have signed an obligation [with the PGA Tour]. If you start talking to another tour when you've done that, you're looking for trouble.

"I find a lot of greed in the sport now,” Player added. “When someone comes along like this, what do you do? Do you discard the PGA Tour where you've played all your life? Are you just going to say ‘to hell with you now?’ I don't like that. It is crazy to say you don't like money, but it's not as though they are struggling.

"I think Rory McIlroy made $23 million last year without even taking in his contracts. How much money do you want? Loyalty to me is very big."

A number of the world's top players have said they have been approached to discuss the possibility of a World Golf Tour, including Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson.

"I don't know all the intricacies, but I'd say it is not for me.," said Player. "It might happen, but it doesn't mean to say it is right. I hope it doesn't come to this as I don't want to see a tour with just 48 players.

"Why are we getting so selfish that it is down to 48 players? Next, some guy will come in and make it 20. What we have just now with 125 players is not enough."

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