Golf buggies may require motor insurance

New EU directive may see full insurance become necessary for golf buggies, among others.

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Wed, 21 Dec 2016

Golf buggies could soon require motor insurance for the very first time under European law, according to the government.

Under meddling new European Union laws, the directive could demand that all "vehicles" are to be fully insured, even if they are used on private land.

The UK Government will be forced to implement the new rules despite June's Brexit vote and won't be able to scrap them until Britain formally exits the EU - expected to be in spring 2019. 

Other vehicles requiring motor insurance could include the likes of fairground dodgems, mobility scooters, segways and even ride-on lawnmowers.

A consulation will now run until March 2017. 

The Department for Transport (DfT) admitted it was uncomfortable with the new laws but signalled it would have no choice but to implement them while Britain remains a member of the EU.

The Government said it is obliged to hold a consultation on the changes and admits that if implemented, they could have "potentially costly consequences."

A spokesman said the measures would "impose an unreasonable burden on the public."