Golfer sues Sunningdale for KICKING HIM OUT for playing too much!

Man seeks compensation from exclusive UK golf club...

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Fri, 15 Nov 2019

Sunningdale Golf Club, one of the most exclusive in the United Kingdom, is being sued by a former member who claims he was booted out of the club for playing too much golf, according to The Times

John Cawood, 72, is seeking damages from the Berkshire club who revoked his yearly discounted overseas membership on grounds he played more than 30 rounds a year. 

Membership at Sunningdale reportedly costs £60,000 to become a member and its current line of famous members include Hugh Grant, Sean Connery and Gary Lineker. 

But due to Mr Cawood's amout of rounds at the course, the club said he must pay the full annual membership fee of £3,750, which is reportedly three times the cost of the discounted overseas membership. 

The Times reports that Mr Cawood apppeared in court in Central London on Tuesday and demanded damages for the 'stich-up' of his dismissal. He is also seeking an injunction forcing the club to reinstate him. 

Mr Cawood, who joined the club in 1997, told the court how he would only stay in the UK for three months to play golf. 

The report claims how in 2011 that a number of members had questioned Mr Cawood's status as an overseas member and that he should pay the full fee.

As a result of that, his membership was revoked in 2015. 

"The club has a perceived idea that I play regularly over 30 times, but it's not true," said Cawood. 

"The last time I played over 30 rounds was in 2006 and I paid a pro-rata rate per game."

The Times is also reporting how the secretary of the club wanted to exclude Mr Cawood from the club due to his "boisterous" behaviour.

The hearing continues and is due to end on Thursday afternoon. 



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