Golfers tackle the Mankini Golf Challenge in aid of Prostate Cancer

Bird Hills Golf Centre's Michael Connelly and Kemal Sen tee it up in mankinis for charity. 

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Tue, 28 Jan 2020
Golfers tackle the Mankini Golf Challenge for Prostate Cancer at Bird Hills Golf Centre

We love a bit of light-hearted fun here at GolfMagic, especially when something to do with our great sport is raising money for charity, and that is exactly what was achieved at Bird Hills Golf Centre in Berkshire on Friday. 

In what started out as a bit of banter and chat at the bar last summer, the golf club's general manager Michael Connelly and food & beverage manager Kemal Sen went ahead with their plans for a five-hole Mankini Golf Challenge

Mr Connelly and Mr Sen slipped into their mankinis for a quick photoshoot for the local papers, and GolfMagic, before teeing off promptly at 3pm. The weather was fairly cold but it was much better than was anticipated, and the guys completed their five holes in front of their supporters and fellow members. 

There was some impressive golf played too with Mr Sen draining a winning putt from 18 feet at the first hole. The game also went down to the final hole, much to the excitement of the crowd, and it was Mr Sen who came out on top with a narrow victory. 

It was the first time in the club's history that they had done something like this, and the club is now hoping to make it an annual event going forwards.

"It was a fun day out and we managed to raise a lot more money for Prostate Cancer UK than I ever thought we would," said Mr Connelly.

"We can only thank everyone for their support and we look forward to getting more brave men involved in the day for next year."

Mr Sen said: "I really enjoyed the day out today and will do it again for charity any time! I guess we will make it a yearly event so we can keep talking about this cancer to encourage men to go and get themselves tested and let them know that there is support out there too."

Bird Hills Golf Centre wants to encourage more players and supporters to come forward for their event next year, as well as keep people raising awareness of Prostate Cancer.

All proceeds from the day are going to Prostate Cancer, and while the collection is still ongoing, the club has currently raised an excellent £800. 

Prostate Cancer is a charity that has been supported by Bird Hills Golf Centre for the last few years as unfortunately it has affected quite a few of their members.

"We are really proud of the guys for competing in the Mankini Golf Challenge," said Bird Hills Golf Centre's manager Hannah Edwards.

"If you pardon the pun, it definitely took some balls to bare themselves to the elements!"

For more information about the club, please visit Bird Hills Golf Centre