Jack Nicklaus' granddaugther has just married a man named Todger

Some of the comments on social media will make your day...

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Wed, 16 Dec 2020
Jack Nicklaus' granddaugther has just married a man named Todger

Jack Nicklaus this week announced news that his granddaugther Christie has married a man named Todger Strunk - and as you can probably imagine, the comments on social media have gone off the charts! 

Nicklaus, 80, tweeted his congratulations to the newlyweds but was no doubt unaware of the barrage of replies he was about to receive given what his grandson-in-law's name stands for in British slang. 



"My oldest granddaughter Christie Nicklaus – my son Jack’s 2nd-oldest child – just married Todger Strunk," tweeted 18-time record major winner Nicklaus. "What a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful couple! They look like they were made for each other. Barbara and I wish them happiness and love for an eternity!"

Nicklaus' tweet has been met with more than 1,300 comments and nearly 3,500 retweets.

Even Eddie Pepperell was quick to get involved when he tweeted: "Stunning name."



Here's a look at some other standout tweets:

"I realise that Britain and America are two nations divided by a common language, but blimey..."

"When he plays a good shot at golf does Jack say 'nice Todger'. That would be a weird thing for a father in-law to say. "

"That may be the single worst name in existence."

"I'd have collapsed at 'Do you take this Todger..?'"

"In Britain this only means penis. No ambiguity, no double entendre, it neans penis. What sort of monsters called their son Todger."

"Do you take this Todger, to have and to hold?"

"Todger, me old mate, you must NEVER go to England."