Lee Westwood and Piers Morgan clash in Twitter spat

Lee Westwood and Piers Morgan have collided on Twitter after Morgan brought up a tweet from the Englishman's past.

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Wed, 13 May 2020
Lee Westwood and Piers Morgan clash in Twitter spat

Without any live golf to watch on TV, we've not had much controversy as of late and you could say there's been a lack of juice in the sport, but now Lee Westwood and Piers Morgan have given us (and Shane Lowry) some fresh beef after the two clashed on Twitter.

It started when GMB host and journalist Piers Morgan tweeted an update about television viewing figures, attempting to take a playful dig at Good Morning Britain's TV rivals BBC Breakfast.

Westwood, who has 25 European Tour victories to his name, replied to the tweet, saying: "Childish. There’s more important things than viewing figures right now don’t you think?"

If there's one thing Piers Morgan loves, it's being called out on Twitter so he can respond in the wittiest way he can think of, something that has helped him amass 7.5 million Twitter followers.

Morgan responded by quoting Westwood's tweet for all to see and added: "Says the man who once tweeted: ‘Come on you girly boy trolls! I’ve only won just over 2 mill on course this year!’"

What the former news editor was referring to, was a tweet sent out back in 2013 by Westwood, where he ended up apologising after he became tied up in responding to Twitter trolls who criticised his final round performance at the US PGA Championship.

Westwood didn't take long to respond and made his own dig at Morgan's past, saying: "Surely you don’t want to delve into things we may have done in the past Piers?"

Morgan then gestured that he has nothing to hide: "Feel free mate, might be more interesting than your daily lectures from your sofa on how I should be doing my job..."

One man who was certainly enjoying the online spat was current Open champion Shane Lowry...