Matt Banahan stars on Ollie Gallant's new golf YouTube channel

Matt Banahan discusses his rugby career and his passion for golf in Ollie Gallant's latest YouTube video.

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Mon, 10 Feb 2020
Matt Banahan features on Ollie Gallant's new golf YouTube channel
GolfMagic has teamed up with Ollie Gallant's new podcast channel, in association with adidas Golf, to bring you some fascinating insights into the golf games of sports stars and celebrities. 
First up, it's Gloucester Rugby star and former England international Matt Banahan.
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Banahan, 33, currently plays rugby union for Gloucester in the Aviva Premiership and has made 16 appearances for England, scoring 20 points.
Before moving to Gloucester, Banahan spent 12 years playing for Bath where he made 251 appearances and scored 352 points.
In January 2018, Banahan left the club which he dedicated so many years to and joined Bath's West Country rivals Gloucester.


Widely regarded as a Bath legend, many questioned Banahan's decision to join Gloucester, but speaking to Gallant on his latest YouTube video, Banahan reflected on his departure from the club.
"At the end of the day, Rugby's a business," said Banahan. "People are going to think that what you're worth is financially and my contract had ran out after being with the club for 12 years and the club offered me less money than what I was on.
"It was tough. I had probably three or four days where I was going 'I can't believe it'.
"In whole, you think everybody - the supporters, the club, the players - they're all in on it and then you sit back and you think alright the supporters have supported me through everything, the boys (team mates) are always with me, the club are now running it as a business, so now I've got to put my business head on it and go right if that's how they're going to play the game then let's look after me now."
"It's not brilliant how I was treated, but that's business."
Banahan then drew similarities with his situation and the mental aspects of golf.
"In a way, even though it's a different context, if I hit a bad shot, I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm going to think about my next shot and how I can make up for it."

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