Matt Kuchar mesmerised by Bubba Watson photo at Tour Championship!

At least he wasn't sidetracked about the money on offer at the FedEx Cup this week...

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Wed, 21 Aug 2019


The FedEx Cup welcomes a new scoring format at its season finale - the Tour Championship - this week, and it would appear a number of PGA Tour professionals are on the fence about it all. In Matt Kuchar's case, his thoughts are, well, on a wall. 

Kuchar, 41, was quizzed by the media ahead of this week's 30-man finale as to what he thought about the new staggered start system where the FedEx Cup leader Justin Thomas will start the tournament on 10-under par, with second-placed Patrick Cantlay on 8-under and Brooks Koepka on 7-under. 

While Kuchar's reply started strongly when discussing his initial fears about the new scoring system, the nine-time PGA Tour winner's attention was quickly diverted to a bizarre picture of Bubba Watson - who isn't even playing this week - resting on the wall inside the media centre.


"When I first heard of it, it was different for golf and thinking it doesn't make a whole lot of sense at first," said Kuchar, who starts in tied sixth on 4-under par. 

"The more I thought about it and understood the --- God, I don't know why I'm looking at that crazy photo of Bubba Watson right now.

"I don't understand what that's doing in here. He's got such a puzzled look on his face."

Here is the photo in question...

Kuchar then got back to the question in hand, and explained he is all for the new scoring format as it makes things much more simplified, however, he does believe there will be some tweaks to the system in 2020. 

"Back to the points," continued Kuchar.

"The points for strokes, as a player and I think even as a fan, the points were hard to figure out. Players certainly had no idea.

"It was way too much math to do when you're trying to figure out if somebody three groups away -- and not even that close to you, but happens to get within a stroke and points vary -- nobody could do the math. So you really had no idea where you stood or what the outcome was potentially going to be.

"This is very simple. I think it makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets tweaked a bit here or there, but I think the general concept is really good, and I think it will be easy for everybody to understand.

"I am sure guys will try to make it confusing when guys try to tell you, well, this guy would have won because he shot 280. He only hit it 280 times versus this guy really hit it 284 times.

"But because he started with an advantage -- I'm sure there will be people who try to make it a bit confusing, but it shouldn't be.

"It should just be let's figure out -- listen, Justin Thomas is 10 under, I'm 4 under, leave it at that and figure it out from there."




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