My Circle Golf offers chance to play with Rick Shiels

10 My Cirlcle Golf members to be drawn out of a hat to attend London Club event

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Tue, 28 Feb 2017

My Circle Golf offers chance to play with Rick Shiels

My Circle Golf is hosting a golf day with coach Rick Shiels at the London Club on 18 March, and 10 members of the My Circle Golf app will recieve an invite to the event. 

Shiels will hold a masterclass with those names pulled out of a hat, before heading to the course with them. 


The My Circle Golf app connects golfers in the London and the south-east, helping them find playing partners and new courses.

Shiels said: "Though golf is rooted in tradition and heritage, I've seen first-hand a real appetite in recent years for golfers to embrace the digital revolution. I'm excited and proud to play my part in the launch of this mobile app set to connect golfers from all walks of life - especially getting to meet with the lucky community members at the London Club next month."

My Circle Golf, which hopes to roll out a national service this year,  is available to download from the Apple store and Google Play.

The GolfMagic team will also be at the London Club.

Head to the My Circle Golf website for more.

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