OUTRAGE among locals as London golf centre receives new BOOZE license

Local councillor is "horrified" at the news that BigShots Golf Northwick Park in Harrow will serve alcohol in a new 'bunker bar' and games area.

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Wed, 15 Dec 2021

OUTRAGE among locals as London golf centre receives new BOOZE license

BigShots Golf Northwick Park in London has now been granted permission by Brent Council's licensing committee to serve alcohol in a new 'bunker bar' and games area, and the news has "horrified" a local councillor.

Brent councillor Gaynor Lloyd fears the addition of booze and likely increase in anti-social behaviour at the golf centre based on Watford Road in Harrow will put families off visiting the venue. 

According to a report in My London today, Lloyd told the licensing meeting as a local resident that she was "horrified at what the building is turning into."

Cllr Lloyd added the golf centre is located in a "senstive area" and fears families will now feel "excluded" with extra alcohol being served throughout the venue. 

The website at BigShots Golf claims it's a venue to "light up the neighbourhood, but Cllr Lloyd considers it is no longer a family-friendly venue. 

She also adds that with most people arriving by car, there are more likely to be drink-driving offences


BigShots Golf lawyer Jeremy Phillips has told how the venue is "still very much a community venue" but one that wants to cater to modern trends. 

Mr Phillips explains how a whopping £1.8 million investment has been made to the golf centre and that it's very much a venue Brent Council "should be proud of."

The golf centre - which features one of the biggest driving ranges in London - aims to cater for a wide range of golfing abilities with a number of driving bays featuring all the latest technology, including Trackman, which is used by many of the world's best players on the PGA Tour.