Page 3: Are Male Golfers Better Than Female Golfers?

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Tue, 12 Dec 2017

Firstly, there’s no getting round it: the top male golfers hit the ball a lot further than the top females off the tee.

The stats show that on average the top 10 men drove the ball 41.77 yards further than the top 10 females in 2017.

But if we take strength out of the equation (which is really what that distance comes down to), there’s not really much in it.

In fact, the top females beat the men for fairways hit and greens in regulation – two of golf’s most important stats.

Men took less putts than women, but that’s probably due to the fact they are having to get up and down more to save par when missing greens.

And when it comes down to scoring, it’s pretty close (although the men are slightly ahead).

So in terms of skill, the women are right up there with the men. They just can’t drive as far.

But is 40 extra yards really worth x4 the money?

We certainly don’t think so. But let us know in the GolfMagic Forum or on our social media channels if you disagree.

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Note: Female golfers are allowed to play in PGA events. Michelle Wie has entered several throughout her career, and while she is yet to make a cut on the PGA Tour, she did make it through to final stages of an event on the Asian Tour.