Page 4: Best golf handicap apps

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Wed, 22 Nov 2017

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker 

The free Diablo Handicap Tracker app will help you establish a USGA Handicap index.

Use it to post your latest scores, share reviews and ratings, and track your friends too.

Features include Facebook integration for score sharing and finding other Diablo members and course location functions such as GPS course finder.

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Page 4: Best golf handicap apps


SGU HandicAPP 

Made by the SGU, the Scottish Golf governing body for amateur golf in Scotland, this free app is for members only.

Membership with Scottish Golf is available to affiliated golf clubs and will give you access to their members forums and other added features, such as this superb app.

Once downloaded, simply login with your membership username and password.

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FC Golf Handicap 

This free app that will help you figure out your handicap on “particular courses” such as marsh, blue or black.

Use your USGA Index handicap and enter a few other details and it will give you an accurate handicap for your next game.

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