R&A hits the Sweetspot with latest golf club partnership

Sweetspot brings innovation into golf club management with R&A contract win 

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Fri, 9 Dec 2022
R&A hits the Sweetspot with latest golf club partnership

Swedish-based software company Sweetspot has been recognised by The R&A, golf's governing body, and are working together on new and exciting projects to bring innovation into golf and optimise clubs’ revenue.

Sweetspot’s expertise in providing data-driven revenue management systems perfectly aligns with The R&A’s mission to boost golf and change the sport fundamentally. Together, they’re focused on attracting new players to golf and making the sport more inclusive and accessible for everyone with the help of Sweetspot’s innovative revenue management solution.

“We are delighted to get the opportunity to work with The R&A and implement our products and services into a mission-driven campaign. Partnering with an organisation that shares our vision to revolutionise golf and make it more accessible to everyone is the way forward to bringing more innovation into the sport and in turn attracting more players,” said Henrik Ahlin, CEO at Sweetspot.

Sweetspot has been on a mission to help golf facilities – not only golf clubs, but also simulator centres and driving ranges equipped with the latest technology such as launch monitors – optimise their pricing and tee availability and offer it to the right customer segment through its data-driven business systems. 

The company has already enjoyed tremendous success in Sweden, where it all started. In the span of four years, Sweetspot helped Hills Golf & Sports Club increase its average revenue per played round by 24%, despite a global pandemic.

It was Sweetspot’s use of dynamic pricing and data collection that helped Hills Golf & Sports attract new partnerships and memberships, thus expanding their accessibility and increasing revenue.

After its success in Sweden, Sweetspot is going international and entering the UK market.

Mr Ahlin added: “We are foreseeing a paradigm shift in the way golf clubs are doing business and maximising their revenue globally. Our mission is to make golf more inclusive and accessible by offering golf facilities a more strategic and data-driven approach that definitely has a place in the European golf market. This will lay the fundamentals of the game and future-proof the development of golf.”

The tech company was founded in 2016 in Sweden, providing a full-service solution that includes a robust booking system, marketing tools, strategic partnerships, and more. Sweetspot equips golf clubs with the revenue management and business intelligence tools to improve their facility, whatever the level and size.