Teenager banned from golf club for having a wee in the bushes

West Linton Golf Club suspends 14-year-old despite his rare medical condition.

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Thu, 22 Dec 2016

David Halliday

A teenage golfer has been suspended from his golf club after his medical condition forced him to go for a wee behind some bushes, according to a report in The Sun.

David Halliday, 14, has a rare disorder where his brain doesn't tell his bladder it's full. 

He was playing in a tournament over the summer with a girl at Dunbar Golf Club in East Lothian, Scotland, and with no toilet facilities nearby, came unstuck at the 18th hole before continuing to play. 

Despite receiving a note from David's doctor, his golf club - West Linton Golf Club in Tweeddale - suspended him after the incident, freezing his handicap and barring him from tournaments for eight months. 

David had won three monthly junior medals in the space of 12 months and represented the West Linton team and his high school team.

West Linton GC

David's grandad Douglas told The Sun: “I asked the girl he was paired with if there were any toilets because it was an 18-hole course. There wasn’t any cover at all.

“When David got to the 18th tee he noticed there was an opportunity and got behind some bushes and then played the rest of the match.

“The trouble was that the person who David was playing with – her grandfather was the director of golf for the club.

“They held a meeting without him there and found him guilty, and then sent him the letter the day after he’d been suspended. It’s absolutely shocking.”

According to the report, David remains "really down" by the decision, and West Linton GC has refused to comment further.

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