Tour pro flies home after thinking he missed the cut; but he hadn't!

Champions Tour pro Tom Gillis has a mare as he flies home thinking he had missed the cut at the Senior PGA Championship, only to realise he made it by the time he landed!

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Tue, 28 May 2019
Tour pro flies home as thought he'd missed the cut; but he hadn't!!


PGA Champions Tour pro Tom Gillis flew home from the Senior PGA Championship last Friday night after assuming he had missed the halfway cut. Several hours later upon landing some 350 miles away from the venue, he realised he had indeed made the cut!

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Posting a two-round total of 9-over par at Oak Hill, Gillis assumed he was wasting his own time by hanging around, especially with the current cut mark at 6-over par. 

The 50-year-old packed up and headed to Rochester airport to fly home to Detroit to spend the weekend with his family.

However, upon touching down and receiving signal, Gillis was what we can only imagine were messages such as "get yourself back here Tommy boy, you made the cut!"



Despite making the cut, though, Gillis was not prepared to jump back aboard a plane and instead spent his Memorial Day weekend with his family and friends.

"I wasn't going back," said Gillis. "I chose family over golf. It was more about spending the weekend with family."