Tour pros vote on WORST and BEST hole at Augusta, home of The Masters

Didn't think there were any bad holes at Augusta National?!

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Fri, 29 Mar 2019


The brutal par-3 4th hole has been voted the WORST HOLE at Augusta National by 40 past and present players in The Masters, according to a new anonymous survey from GOLF. 


The fourth hole at golf's first major of the season - which starts in two weeks' time - measures a mammoth 240 yards, with two giant bunkers guarding the green at the front and left. 

Throw in some wind and its heavily sloped green and it's easy to see why many players are happy to walk off this one with par on the scorecard.

According to the survey, 33% of the 40 players voted for the fourth hole as the worst hole at Augusta National.

“It isn’t that No. 4 is a bad hole,” said one poll respondent. “I just always make a [double-bogey] 5.”

Next on the 'worst hole' list was the par-4 11th which took 15% of the vote and the par-4 fifth hole with 13%.

As for the BEST hole at Augusta National, it was a fairly obvious one with a majority 28% of voters in favour of the iconic par-3 12th, arguably golf's most famous par-3 in the world. 



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