Twitter goes into meltdown as Chamblee reveals his #1 shot on Tour

Brandel Chamblee considers Dustin Johnson's drive at Kapalua's 12th as the greatest shot in history.

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Fri, 12 Jan 2018

Twitter goes into meltdown as Chamblee reveals his #1 shot on Tour

Not that anyone will lose any sleep over it, but Golf Channel analyst and one-time PGA Tour winner Brandel Chamblee believes Dustin Johnson's near-ace at Kapalua's 12th last week was the "greatest shot" in PGA Tour history.


A great drive for sure, especially at 420+ yards, but what about all those other memorable shots we have seen down the years... in fact Tiger Woods' chip-in from the back of the 16th at The Masters didn't even make his top 10! 

Here's a look at Chamblee's top 10 list...



Chamblee wrote on Twitter after being challenged on his top 10: "A fair take. And yes, you’re right I have had plenty of challenges on this call. The next time someone hits a longer, straighter, cooler shot on Sunday to win, while #1 in the world I might rework the rankings. Until then though...."

Is Chamblee right to call DJ's shot the "greatest" of all time? What do you consider the greatest golf shot in history? Head over to our social media channels or the GolfMagic Forum to let us know.