Vandals tear up fairways with a car and then SET IT ON FIRE in a bunker

Another stupid act of vandalism on a golf course, but this one was taken to the extremes.

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Tue, 5 Jan 2021
Vandals tear up fairways with a car and then SET IT ON FIRE in the bunker

A video went viral on social media a week ago of a golfer filming the damage that was done to his local golf course, after a car was used to cause tyre marks on the fairway, before it was dumped into a bunker and set on fire.

Far too many times we are sent stories and pictures of golf courses being pointlessly damaged by idiots, which can cost golf clubs a lot of moeny to repair.

Spending unecessary money on fixing damage can be a huge problem for golf clubs in the current climate we live in, especially at a time like now where golf courses in England have been forced to close during the third national lockdown.

The video was posted on the Golf60's Instagram page last week, as well as being shared by multiple accounts across social media.


"Damn! For the life of me, I could not remember where I parked it. The sand in my shoes is starting to make sense," joked one golf fan.

"Could not get out of the sand with a four wheel drive... the embarrassment," said another.

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