WATCH: Golf practice in the garden goes TERRIBLY wrong

This amateur golfer can't believe what he's done after setting up a practice net in his garden.

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Wed, 20 May 2020
WATCH: Golf practice in the garden goes TERRIBLY wrong

If the coronavirus lockdown has proved anything it's that people will go to some extreme lengths to ensure they can still work on their golf game, but for this ametuer golfer it went horribly wrong...

Watch the video below as one man can't quite believe what he's done whilst he's practicing in his garden.


Rate this set up. Via: @elisecharlottecut Tik Tok

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Unlike that unlucky golfer, we have seen some quite brilliant DIY jobs during lockdown.

Content creator and YouTube star James Robinson managed to convert his back garden into a mini golf course that featured two holes so he could work on his short game.

WATCH: YouTube star James Robinson makes mini golf course in his back garden


Just working on my game in the sun... #AmenGarden

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With golf courses now being open once again, hopefully there will be less golf balls flying into your next-door neighbours' garden.

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