WATCH: Is this the LUCKIEST crazy golf hole-in-one of all time?!

Some crazy golf aces are better than others - what do you make of this one?!

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Sun, 19 Jun 2022
WATCH: Is this the LUCKIEST crazy golf hole-in-one of all time?!

A video has gone viral today on Lad Bible of a lady making a hole-in-one on a crazy golf course, but not by the intended route to the cup! 

We've all seen plenty of lucky aces when it comes to crazy golf, but this one is up there with the finest. 

The lady smacks the ball forwards towards the windmill but the ball ricochets way left out on to the path and then bounds its way back into play and into the hole.

Perhaps it's just great course knowledge, but judging by her state of shock we'll say probably not.

"I think we need VAR for this one," reads a caption on the post. 

Check it out below: 



Here's how social media reacted to the shot: 

"That dramatic laugh of winning."

"Damn, talk about luck!"

"Drops dead weight into the cup, great read."

"She definitely meant that." 

"Putts better than me."

"How much are LIV Golf going to pay her?"

"What? Happy Gilmore?"

"No VAR needed, that's an ace."

"Tiger Woods would be proud of that one."

"Next year, LPGA Tour."

"We all know a lucky golfer."

"Better than most, better than most."

Seen a better one? We'd love to see it. If you have any crazy shots on the mini golf course or a normal golf course then please send them into us via our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also find us on Tik Tok and YouTube.