WATCH: Is this the LUCKIEST mini golf putt you've ever seen before?!

Happy Gilmore would certainly be proud of this attempt...

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Tue, 14 Jan 2020
WATCH: Is this the LUCKIEST mini golf putt you've ever seen before?!

Some putts are more fortunate than others, especially when it comes to the crazy golf course, but THIS attempt from one lady golfer - posted by ODDSbible - has to be up there with the luckiest of all time. 

Remember that epic putt Happy Gilmore holed on the final green to win the championship? Well this one has the feel of that, just without a Subway sign to overcome. For those that can't remember, this is the one we're on about...

Clearly unflustered by her young playing partner still finishing out some 30 feet ahead of her, the lady crouched down low and assumed a traditional putting grip with a touch of the baseball grip about it. 

We can't be sure if this was her first time on a putting surface before, but given the length of the backswing and general force of the putt we are led to believe there is a strong possibility of this being the case. 

One quick look at the camera before ripping into the back of the ball, and away she goes. 

A push into the wall on the right side was not the intended way to play the hole, but the ball deflected back over to the rocks on the left before returning back to the right wall. The ball then rolled back into the rocks on the left before trickling down the narrow entrance to the hole. 

Reading the slope to perfection with just the correct amount of speed, the ball found its way into the centre of the cup, much to the surprise of herself and her playing partners. 

What is that famous golf phrase we so often hear about? Ah yes, that's it... they don't paint pictures on a scorecard.