Westwood on 'backstopping': 'we have a responsibility to the field'

Westwood replies to Jimmy Walker saying he leaves his ball unmarked sometimes to help other players. 

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Tue, 12 Jun 2018
Westwood on 'backstopping': 'we have a responsibility to the field'

Lee Westwood had entered the “backstop” debate, saying players have a “responsibility to the field” and should always mark their ball.

The Englishman was replying to Jimmy Walker, who explained he http://www.golfmagic.com/golf-news/jimmy-walker-causes-pga-tour-stir-it-...http://www.golfmagic.com/golf-news/jimmy-walker-causes-pga-tour-stir-it-depends-if-you-guy on the green as a backstop.

This affords the person hitting the shot an advantage, as they can hit the unmarked ball which can stop it shooting past the hole. The unmarked ball is then replaced to its original position.

Walker’s comments brought critique on Twitter, and he replied to a message from Westwood asking -  “So you have never asked a player if he would like your ball marked? I find that hard to believe?”

“You would find it hard to believe if you think it acceptable to intentionally leave your ball there to possibly assist your playing partner,” Westwood replied.

“Ask a rules official at your next tournament to see what they think. My opinion is that you have a responsibility to the field.”