Cranfield: One-two swing thought

Scott Cranfield takes over our Something for the Weekend series with the second of eight video lessons

Cranfield: One-two swing thought has partnered with the UK’s best value golf insurance and golf benefits provider, The Golfers Club, to bring you a tip for our Something for the Weekend series.

Scott Cranfield, a European Tour coach and one of only 32 golf professionals to have been awarded the elite PGA Master Professional status, has created these simple tips, guaranteed to help all areas of your game including tee shots, bunker shots, the short game and even strategy and maybe give you an advantage this weekend.

The Golfers Club provide with every specialist golf insurance policy five free rounds of golf, a free golf lesson with a PGA pro, a free gift pack including a cap, balls and shoe bag plus much more. You can also view more of Scott's tips online when you join The Golfers Club.

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