Toughest Golf Shots: 30-40 yard bunker shot

The margin of error when you're playing out the bunker from 30-40 yards is minute, so what's the most effective way to play it? PGA coach David Bown gives us his top tips

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Fri, 19 Jul 2013
Toughest Golf Shots: 30-40 yard bunker shot
Step 1: Open body and close face

The 30-40 yard bunker shot is our fourth bunker play article in the Golf's Toughest Bunker Shots series and is part of the how to play links golf series.

The tendency for any amateur on this shot is to either hit too much of the sand or not enough as there's much less margin for error compared to a standard bunker shot. This is due to having a similar set up to a chip you would hit off the fairway.

PGA coach David Bown gives us a few simple set up and swing tips for consistent ball striking from this tough position.

Firstly, at set up, you want your feet slightly open with about 70% of your weight favouring your left foot, if playing as a right-hander. This will decrease the chance of grabbing to much sand during impact.

Unusually for a bunker shot, you want the clubface to be square of the target and your hands pushed forward in order to get the distance required to reach the pin.

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