Consistency in any part of your game is important but in short game even more so. PGA professional Graeme Davies shows us how to keep it simple but effective

Step 2: Landing pad

The landing pad in this case is the same size as the previous chipping circle as seen at the bottom of the above photo.

In this case Graeme has used the far flag as his target and his focus is to land the ball in the near circle and run it up to the flag. This drill improves the consistency of the length and line of your chip shots.

Many amateurs aim to land the ball near the hole and often overhit their chip-and-run shots for this reason. With this drill you will understand the flight distance and roll distance for the club you practise with.

When you get on the course have an imaginary landing pad in your head and your chips will be a lot more consistent.

Click the next slide to see how Graeme makes the drill a bit more challenging...

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