Golf Practice Drills: rescue club chip

A way to understand what to use when around the green is by chipping with each club in your bag. PGA professional Graeme Davies prefers to use a rescue club and here's why...

Golf Practice Drills: rescue club chip

The rescue club chip drill is our fourth short game article in the Short Game Practice Drills series.

Chipping doesn't always have to be with a wedge especially when you want to roll it across the green. You've seen the likes of Tiger Woods and Justin Rose use a 3-wood for a chip so why can't you?

For a wood, or in this case a rescue club, you want to have a very good lie, so either short fairway or fringe for better ball contact.

In the top photograph you see Graeme has addressed the ball just back of stance with his feet slightly open just like when playing a short chip shot.

Because the club is longer and you're playing a delicate shot, grip down the shaft for more feel and use your putting grip if it feels comfortable.

When playing the shot you want to feel like you're making a putting stroke so remember the triangle shape created by your arms and shoulders, as seen above.

Then make the pendulum motion as you would with the putter, at no point breaking your wrists and flicking the club through, as this really loses you feel.

Drill it as many times as you can until you understand how fast it comes off the clubface, then try it with a number of other clubs from a 9-iron to 3-wood - you never know what may work for you.

Check out Graeme's coaching website Graeme Davies Golf or where he teaches at Huntswood Golf Club.

Otherwise look at our Short Game Practice Drills index or Golf Practice Drills index for more help.

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