Five top follow-through tips to stop that slice!

Our guide to using your follow-through to prevent the dreaded slice

Golfmagic Staff
Thu, 23 May 2013

Five top follow-through tips to stop that slice!

A good follow-through will stop that slice

It's a fact that nine out of 10 golfers have little to no follow-through in their golf swing. By not finishing your golf swing, you will never get your hands turned over and this will almost inevitably lead to the clubface being left open at impact - causing a fade or more likely, a slice. A further result is more spin and a lack of distance.

Golfmagic discussed this with a local PGA pro, who gave me a simple little drill to help all amateur golfers finish their golf swing with a solid, balanced follow through and high finish.

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The result will likely be additional distance with less effort. You won't be swinging the golf club harder but, if you're a slicer, the drill will help reduce, that most destructive of shots.

1. Practice swinging with one arm

"If you're a right-handed golfer, make practice swings with the club, just with your right arm only, taking the club only as far as parallel with the ground in the back swing through swing. Momentum and weight will force your right hand and forearm to turn inward over as you come through the address position."

2. Full swing with one arm

"Take a full swing with one arm and finish it over your left shoulder and feel your right wrist rotating. After several attempts it will feel natural and you can hit some golf balls with your one-armed swing, keeping a smooth tempo."

3. Two-handed practice wing

"By practice-swinging the club with two hands ensure you swing all the way through and finish the follow through high over your left shoulder. The golf club should be hanging down almost touching your back. Repeat the move several times concentrating on feeling your wrists rotate."

4. Full swing with both hands

"Now hit balls with a full swing, feeling the rotation of your right wrist and forearm as if throwing the club underarm down the target line as centrifugal force keep the clubface travelling square to target then up and over the left shoulder."

5. After impact assess your follow-through

Make sure you learn from your last follow-through to better your next shot and, "remember that after impact, there's nothing you can do to affect the ball flight as long as you let the right wrist and forearm turnover naturally at impact and don't allow the clubface to remain open causing a slice."

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